i rly dont like my new haircolor,;;;;;„„,…………..


Imagine person C of your OT3 waking up and finding the bed empty. Puzzled, they head downstairs and can smell coffee, and then hear persons A and B making love in the living room. With a smile, they pour three mugs of coffee and head that way. A and B see them and offer for them to join, but C smiles and declines, perfectly happy to watch and enjoy.


Pom-pom Crabs are tiny crabs who carry a pair of even tinier sea anemones in their dainty claws.

They really like to have TWO sea anemones. If they only have one, they’ll rip in two and carry one half in each claw.

The sea anemones soon heal up because they can do that kind of thing,.

Images: Eliot Ferguson/Klaus Stiefel




He looks like some kind of straight white boy mermaid



"You are not in control of your or your character’s legacy. Trying to force a character to be memorable is, to me, like trying to make yourself memorable - people will think you’re a pretentious sap. You can make your characters lovable by having them give love to others, by showing them trying their hardest, and by struggling against their own limitations. Be sure to give them limitations. You can make them funny, quirky, unique, or, even better, you can base them on real-life people you know and toss out the elements you are copying from someone else’s work. Don’t force. Tell the truth, and the truth will be funny." - Evan Gore (The Weekenders writer)


i said the word “queer” in art class and a girl screamed because the head of the gay club said it was a bad word

the head of the gay club is straight

i am queer




there are people in the fandom who can

  • write fanfictions
  • draw fanarts
  • create gifs
  • think of theories
  • edit stuff

and then there’s me

But there’s you, who

  • Read our fanfictions
  • Like/Reblog/Commission us for our fanarts
  • View our gifs
  • Support our theories
  • Are amused by our edits

You are just as important as the rest of us.


I have discovered that Jimmy Neutron’s hair fits almost perfectly onto Donkey Kong’s head.